Karate competition has always been a big part of the clubs history and high standards. Lockdown has not stopped us from providing competitive opportunities for your children with our first ever Online Kata Competition! 

The OSTMA Team would like to say a big
WELL DONE to everyone who has entered or planning to enter! You really have made your Sensei and club proud by doing so and your dedication has not gone unnoticed! 
We have your well-deserved participation certiifcates that will be with you soon! 

Below you can find our Medal winners for each category! Congratulations! 


Yellow Stripe & Below Category 
Gold - Ciaran Mulholland 
Silver - Siaana Guraya
Bronze - Honey Ward 
Bronze - Noah Newmark

Yellow Belt Category 
Gold - Imogen Page 
Silver - Oscar Lathia 
Bronze - Mylo Silvester 
Bronze - Anushka Pednekar 

Bronze - Alice Walker 

Orange Belt Category 
Gold - Olivia Clarke
Silver - Kellan Dowley
Bronze - Freddie Bond
Bronze - Charlie Witcomb

Green Belt Category 
Gold - Tom Disley
Silver - Vibhu Matur
Bronze - Kevin Burovski
Bronze - Rose Harbod

Blue Belt Category 
Gold - Angelo Jones
Silver - Maddie West
Bronze - Alfie White
Bronze - Edgar Smith 

Purple Belt Category 
Gold - Alice Kupce
Silver - Diego Dineen 
Bronze - Ethan Macfadyen
Bronze - Sophie Budge

Brown/White Belt Category 
Gold - Freya Leech
Silver - Will Evans
Bronze - Sameer Hasib
Bronze - Loan Collins

Brown Belt Category 
Gold - Miranda Smith
Silver - Ameer Hasib
Bronze - Jasmeena Guraya
Bronze - Frankie Kupce 

Brown/Black & Black belt Category
Gold - Adela Giurma-Handley
Silver - Finn Jansen
Bronze - Thomas Giurma-Handley
Bronze - Holly Cane 

Adult Category (Below Blue belt)
Gold - Dan Boyes
Silver - Sue Bailey
Bronze - Chris Allnut
Bronze - Anne-Marie Ferrett 

Adult Category (Blue belts+)
Gold - Richard Kupce
Silver - Neil Stevenson
Bronze - Lesley Terry
Bronze - Claire Palman-Brown