OSTMA have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation very closely and of course, are taking the health and wellbeing of our students as paramount. Like many of you whom are self employed, times are worrying for us. The teaching of the classes are our livelihoods and as such, OSTMA have been working hard, in preparation for anticipated closures, to continue to provide for all of our students without them needing to attend classes during this period as well as additions after the settling down of Covid-19, all part of our students continued membership.


OSTMA's current stance is to fall inline with the schools. Government advice at present is that it is not yet necessary to shut these down. With schools still in operation, so are we. We enforce the importance of not sending your child to class if they feel unwell and those that are there at class are required to use the sanitizers before training. We are also reducing the contact work amongst the students, concentrating more so on individual fundamentals and katas oppose to close partnered work such as grappling aspects. Sparring of course is done so behind the protective hand wear any way but we would ask that you ensure these are kept clean for class. However, against anything we want, we do have to be realistic that closures are coming at some point soon.


OSTMA are desperate for you to have a club to return to when this settles down and as such we are asking all members to keep their memberships active as the continuation of the club relies solely on your support. In return our promise to you is as follows: 


OSTMA will have an open membership to all classes with all instructors throughout the week meaning all students will be able to attend as many sessions as they wish.


OSTMA will be hosting catch up "super sessions" for all the students in conjunction with their regular classes. Teams of OSTMA Sensei's will be getting together in your area and laying them on for you. They will be grade and ability based and super fun for all.


OSTMA will be provide all students with one free place on any of our half term karate courses over the next 2 years.


Most excitingly, OSTMA will be providing students with weekly online training videos and access to their specific grading material, exclusive only to our club members through the password encrypted section of our brand new website, about to be launched, meaning all students have their own training source. Not just that but, with anticipated school closures, we will be providing an all day service to students where they/parents can contact us anytime for advice, corrections and knowledge through a variety of sources including telephone, text, email and live face time. Alongside the access to their grade material, we will be providing a variety of things online that is grade specific and this includes fun training methods for our lions, advanced kata learning, technique of the week, challenge of the week, video requests for techniques and drills and we may even add online activity drills too. We will keep our students entertained and learning throughout closures! We will be with you every day without being with you!!!


Importantly, we would like to assure all students and parents that any sessions missed at present, be it through the student missing a class through their own illness or for any cancellation, has no impact on your monthly payments. As stated in the club introductory information that you received when joining, the clubs monthly payments are based upon 46 weeks lessons of the year, not 52. We have always had provisions in place should we ever need to implement necessary closures for up to 6 weeks without affecting payments. 


We promise we are committed to continuing our service to you and can only ask for continued support from all of our students and their parents throughout this worrying time period. and we guarantee to continue to provide throughout this challenging time as part of the club membership.


Many thanks