Lloyd Anderson

Lloyd started training karate when he was 10 years old with sensei Phil Patrick. Soon after starting his training in karate he found the dedication that comes with karate and martial arts. Training up too 6 days a week helped him to achieve his black belt at the age of 15. Through this time he spent most weekends competing in numerous karate competitions picking up many medals including a gold in the British national championship as well as an Irish international gold medal. He also competed in a few world and European competitions in France, Portugal and Cyprus picking up some bronze medals along the way. After turning 18 he decided to expand his training and knowledge in different martial arts. Spending some time training in tawkwondo he qualified to be selected too try out for the Olympic Taekwondo team for the 2012 London Olympics. After this he started training in Brazilian ju-jitsu (now a purple belt) and other Mixed martial arts. After a few amateur contests he competed semi professionally for a few years before a few injury’s set him back from continuing competitions it helped steer him towards giving back by teaching martial arts. Spending time assisting sensei Phil in his classes throughout his time in martial arts he started teaching karate classes of his own 5 years ago. Now at 27 years of age and 17 years of various martial arts experience Sensei Lloyd teaches 9 karate classes over three days as well as teaching karate in after school clubs.


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Sensei Lloyd's class timetable

What people say about sensei Lloyd

Sensei Lloyd’s classes are fun and he teaches karate in a structured and safe way. Sensei Lloyd himself clearly cares about the wellbeing and progression of his class members, and works very hard to support their needs, no matter what level they are working at.

Most recently he has moved my son and a group of more experienced students towards their black belts.

This will be the conclusion of 10 years with OSTMA, much of that with sensei Lloyd.  I’m very grateful for the skill and commitment he has shown to my son when he trains 3 days a week.