Based upon both sport & traditional yet modern and evolving karate sessions, our children’s martial arts classes start from the age of 6. Through exciting and engaging instruction, our dedicated team of professional, motivated and enthusiastic instructors will guide your child through their martial arts journey, help them set and most importantly, achieve their goals along the way. The sessions offer a structured karate syllabus, teaching that perseverance leads to success in martial arts, at school and in life!

All parents want the best for their children and by involving your child in a martial arts programme right now, you are laying the foundation your child needs to achieve a bright, successful future that's light years ahead of his or her peers.

All students at OSTMA gain a new appreciation for academics, increase their confidence, concentration, and athletic ability.

Incorporated in all our children's karate classes are our child Safety Programmes. These programmes focus on stranger awareness and bully proofing. Raising the awareness of what do to if approached by a stranger is paramount at OSTMA. Our students are taught about safe zones and how to recognize “safer strangers” if in trouble. Like our stranger awareness programme, proofing our students against bullies is also paramount. We teach our students a calm approach to dealing with not just the “verbal” bully but the physical one too.

Below are just a few of the benefits OSTMA will provide to your child!

  • The ability to not only set goals, but set the RIGHT goals
  • The character traits essential to every good leader, including honesty, integrity and respect for others
  • Stay fit, healthy and learn impressive martial arts skills
  • Self confidence
  • Discipline
  • Self esteem