Taught under the guidance of a female instructor, these sessions provide tuition to ladies that feel more at ease training with the same sex. These sessions offer self-defence in various situations where females could feel vulnerable. We teach our students to be safe by using a common sense approach to protection. This means understanding self-defence techniques, self-defence strategies, and conflict resolution techniques. We also teach body language concepts. Things related to body posture, the way you make eye contact, and the way you use your voice, all the things that are designed to give a student a confident appearance.

We work on muscle strength and toning, regaining flexibility, coordination and developing stamina. These important fitness qualities will help you stay fit and well and give you more energy as you go through your day. Fun, fitness, flexibility, confidence building, striking pads and understanding the ability to escape difficult situations are part of the course each week within these lessons.

Enjoying a confident, happy lifestyle is an important component for us within our ladies only classes. Developing self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, communication skills, perseverance, courage, and the ability to set and reach powerful goals is our aim and what makes all this work is that it’s delivered in a fun, relaxed, friendly environment. Our ladies only class provides a friendship based system. You are sure to enjoy your Martial Art instruction with us at OSTMA.