Tiny Turtles is a parent and toddler session for children aged 2 and 3 years. Content within this class primarily prepares children with the skills not just to progress in to our martial programmes but for all sports and activities. Each lesson is filled with parachute games, team games, ball games, musical games, movement, balance, cooperation and coordination skills where stickers, medals and badges are frequently rewarded.

Content within this session covers a variety of important skills for the children of this age to enhance and these include:

  • Listening and Following instructions
  • Cooperation
  • Understanding how the body works through activities that include toddler circuits to enable them to learn how to move, crawl, roll jump and land safely
  • Balance and coordination skills using the balance beams and pods
  • Movement through music and dancing
  • Understanding the importance of team games, races and working together with friends
  • Ball skills that include throwing, catching & rolling
  • Themed sessions covering all the seasons of the year
  • Story telling

OSTMA Turtles is a fun class for both parent and child to take part in .

It’s incredibly rewarding for the parents to watch their child grow, learn, achieve and hone new skills, all whilst gradually becoming more independent in preparation for life ahead.

Rewarding the children for their continual achievements is paramount within the OSTMA Turtles sessions and certificates, stickers and reward stars are constantly given for all the skills gained and a special medal is awarded at the end of each class to one child per class as “student of that class”. This medal is kept for one week allowing that child to present their achievement to friends, family and within school.